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    Hi everyone! I was on a christmas vacation, and just making this thread from my ipad. I will be back by January 2nd, and i have another thing to say. I just want to to leave the guild, i got accepted on my application. But dont feel sad: I will still consider myself to be in your guild too, as currently i have 3 different reasons for playiing minecraft: The first in singleplayer, the second is for i like developing a server, and i can thank you guys for fulfilling it. I like to spend a lot of time giving ideas for games and stuff. And the last thing is fun, which i get from 3 things: Most importantly developing, 2nd most in singleplayer, and the 3rd is Playing UHC in hypixel.
    Anyways i will be back soon. I can say, by january 2nd, 2017. And for the entire communtity (which doesnt have more than 25 people, we need to increase that number to 1,000,000), merry christmas and happy new year!

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    Okay. and, what comunity? if this servers, it does have more then 25 people.

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    Can you guys unwhitelist me on the server

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    What do you mean?
    did you get the IP Wrong? we have a new IP
    add the one you know to the server list
    and you will see.
    and do you mean UnBlacklist?

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    What are your guys new ip?

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