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Job: Server Owner

hello, we are a new server. i am the owner of it! i may not have much to say though! but i tell you… “You Will Enjoy The Server” so have a good time!

  • Server Permissions 100%
  • On Server Time 55%
  • Server Helper 90%


Job: Co-Head-Of-Staff

Not Yet Added

  • Server Permissions 70%
  • On Server Time 45%
  • Server Helper 90%


Job: Head-Of-Staff

Not Yet Added

  • Server Permissions 70%
  • Online Server Time 50%
  • Server Helper 91%


Job: Head-Admin

Not Yet Added

  • Server Permissions 60%
  • On Server Time 40%
  • Server Helper 80%


Job: Build Team

a Very helpfull player has build one of the spawns 95% of the way to helper/buildteam

  • Server [Staff] Permissions 50%
  • On Server Time 30%
  • Server Helper 95%

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